2002’s Spider-Man pop-tarts were cutting-edge Marvel movie tie-ins

Sam Raimi’s original Spider Man the film is still considered a classic superhero movie, with Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker remaining many fans’ favorite Wall-Crawler. The film had immense hype and marketing when it was released, namely all sorts of edible links. Perhaps the most iconic of these was a now legendary breakfast.

The “Frosted Spidey-Berry” Pop Tarts are still fondly remembered by fans from the 2002 Spider Man and the delicious Kellogg’s. It went on to inspire other Spider-Man goodies from the company, easily becoming the most memorable piece of marketing for the original movie. Here’s how a movie tie-in became the official flavor of Spider-Man.

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Kellogg’s Spidey-Berry Frosted Pop Pies Related to 2002’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man-Pop-Tarts (2) (1)

Among the many forms of merchandising used to Spider Man in 2002, the tastiest was undoubtedly the Frosted Spidey-Berry Pop-Tarts. These Pop-Tarts eschewed the usual grilled delight look, featuring a red crust instead of the normal brown. Likewise, the icing was gray icing on blue icing, giving the illusion of webs. The filling of the food was “wild berry”, which is usually a mixture of strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry.

The back of the Pop-Tarts box contained a crossword puzzle and similar games involving Spider-Man trivia, all accented with images from the film. With the great taste of these Pop-Tarts and their cool box art, any kid would feel like Spidey himself if his parents bought him a box. Sadly, Frosted Spidey-Berry would be discontinued in 2004, but their legacy of frosted straps continued two decades later.

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Pop Tarts Weren’t the Only Connections to the 2002 Spider-Man Movie

Spider-Man-Dr.-Pepper (1)

Beyond Pop-Tarts, several other food and drink products took the opportunity to promote 2002s Spider Man. One of the most elusive was the Dr. Pepper Spider-Man cans. While there were no special flavors, they did feature footage of Spidey from the film. And the hardest to find was the vile green goblin can, with the verdant villain dotting just one of the series’ cans. The Amazing Spider-Man would also have her unique Pop-Tart flavor in “Yum-azing Vanilla”, with the pies having vanilla filling, red icing, and blue spiders. Branded cereal was another form of edible advertising the Andrew Garfield film received.

Things would get a bit more nostalgic with the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home. This saw the release of a new kind of Spidey-Berry Pop-Tart, although things are different from the Tobey Maguire days. Now spelled “Spidey Berry”, this version had normal colored scabs and a white frosting top instead of blue with gray webbing. For many taste buds, however, nothing has reached the same levels as the original 2002 treat.

Carol N. Valencia