2022 Fall Foliage Forecast and Prediction Map: When will the leaves peak?

Autumn will begin on September 22, and with its arrival there will be the annual changing colors of the leaves. To make sure you can see the best that fall foliage has to offer, SmokyMountains.com created a very detailed map for 2022 from where and when you can see the most beautiful landscapes of the season.

The accuracy of this map is a bit like a weather forecast. Data from previous years, such as temperature and precipitation, as well as forecast temperature and precipitation, and information about the type of dominant trees in a given geographic area are all considered in the report. “However, as with any weather forecast that depends on weather variables, leaf predictions are not 100% accurate,” said David Angotti, co-founder of SmokyMountains.com, said Thrillist. “That being said, after publishing our predictive fall foliage map for nearly a decade, we have confidence in our data sources, process, and algorithm.”

So while it’s not an exact predictor of where the fall leaves will turn their most colorful, it’s the best guide to give you a general idea of ​​where you need to be and when. For those looking to capture the christian girl autumn aesthetic, this is a cheat code to find the best IG backdrop in your area.

The interactive map, below, is quite easy to use. You can move a slider at the bottom to see the prediction of how fall leaves will change over the season. The color code works as follows:

  • Green: The trees in the area have not started to change color.
  • Brown: The leaves in the area no longer change colors and have passed their peak.
  • Yolks: The leaves are changeable and colorful, but they can still be a bit uneven.
  • Oranges: This is a partial peak. There will be many colors, but more are likely to come.
  • Reds: Get those cameras out! The foliage will be reminiscent of the coziest fall Hallmark cards.

The map began in 2013, when visitors to Smoky Mountain frequently asked when the fall foliage would be most colorful. Now, a decade later, it’s become a go-to guide for millions of people across the country. “Tens of millions of people use our card every year to plan vacations, weddings and photography trips,” Angotti said. “However, the most common use is for individuals to use the leaf map to check when the leaves will peak near them.”

This year, users can fill out a form to report fall foliage in their area. This data will help make the mid-year map update even more accurate and contribute to the accuracy of the map in the future.

The 2022 Fall Foliage Forecast and Forecast Map

The leaves will begin to change in the northernmost part of the country as early as September 5. By mid-October, everywhere but the southeast will have seen the beginning of the leaves change or be at the peak of their color, and the northernmost parts of the country will likely have already seen the leaves past their peak. By mid-November, only the Southeast will have leaves in their peak period, while the rest of the country’s regions will likely have leaves that have already passed their peak.

When and where peak foliage will arrive this fall

September 12
In the more northern states, you will start to see the leaves with minimal, patchy changes, with what I would call the “Panera Bread” color scheme, which is green, yellow, and a little orange in color. With the exception of northern Colorado and a few other western states, most areas will not have reported much leaf change.

September 26
Leaves will be brightest in states like Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, West Virginia, Vermont, and New Hampshire. The Midwest and Southeast regions of the country will not see much, if any, foliage change at this time.

October 10
In all but the southernmost states (think Texas, Florida, and Alabama), it’s high season for leaves everywhere. Where the leaves may not yet be at their peak, they are at least changing, and few places in the northernmost parts of North Dakota and Montana have already passed their peak seasons.

October 31
The northern half of the country will be past its peak leaf change season, while the southern part of the country will be essentially at its absolute peak, even to the southern ends of Florida and Texas.

How to plan with the map

SmokyMountains.com’s foliage map for 2022 will give you pretty accurate information on when and where the leaves will change. You can use it to plan everything from a fall photo shoot, to identifying the best time to start drinking pumpkin spice lattes, or planning a very scenic drive or camping trip. And, if you want to help make the map even more accurate for your colleagues, you can fill out the form with data for your area when the leaves start to change.

Carol N. Valencia