Big Blockers Bharat Citadel (B3C) Enters into Partnership with Peak Blockchain

Mumbai, India, November 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Big Blockers Bharat Citadel (B3C) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a marketing research partnership with State-of-the-art blockchain.

Officially launched in October 2022, India’s New Citadel is a free coworking space for BSV blockchain developers, builders, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts. Members can find mentorship or resources and even how to build their start-up business. Partnership with Peak Blockchain provides opportunity to expand that of the Citadel go even further by using its many analysis and research tools.

Peak Blockchain is a leading provider of market intelligence and strategic advisory services for the global blockchain industry. This includes investment banks, financial services, institutional and retail investors, as well as blockchain start-ups and enterprises.

Peak Blockchain provides advisory services to companies wishing to enter the blockchain ecosystem, including those considering ICOs or STOs.

Parimal Priyadarshico-founder of the Citadel said: “I am thrilled to have Peak Blockchain as a partner. The level of analytical expertise that Sumit and his team offer is unparalleled.”

“Right now the market is going through the typical phase of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) that accompanies corrections, however, seasoned players are focusing on utility while the majority are panicking.”

“With Peak Blockchain on board, we will attempt to conduct proper market research on blockchain use cases specific to India so that this allows us to effectively market the obvious strengths of the BSV blockchain to developers and users.”

Sumit GoswamiCEO of Peak Blockchain said“We are excited to partner with Big Blockers Bharat Citadel (B3C) to help grow their user base and simultaneously increase adoption of Bitcoin VS,”

“This is a huge step for us and together we hope to have an impact that will change the way people think about digital currencies in India! It is important that we help users and businesses make informed decisions about the blockchain network they use, and Bitcoin SV is a great option for users and businesses looking for stable, decentralized data storage.”

“Its highly parallelized design makes it well suited to meet the demands of business infrastructure. B3C with the goal of sharing ideas and collaborating to build on each other’s work, we are excited to be part of a community innovators who share our passion for solving problems with blockchain technology.”

About Great Bharat Blockers:

A blockchain protocol set in stone!

Big Blockers Bharat believes in a single, scalable, global and shared public ledger.

Because large blocks scale and allow economies of scale. Because protocols need to be frozen before utility development really takes off. Decentralization is not possible if a small group of developers hold the power to change the core protocol at any time.

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