Big Blockers Bharat Citadel (B3C) Enters into Partnership with Peak Blockchain

Blockchain technology is a hot topic right now, and BSV announcement that (B3C) from India has teamed up with Peak Blockchain only adds fuel to the fire.

INDIA, November 17, 2022 / — Big Blockers Bharat Citadel (B3C) and State-of-the-art blockchain are teaming up to explore how blockchain technology can be used specifically in India. In doing so, they want to be able to market the obvious strengths of the BSV blockchain to developers and users.

The Indian Citadel is a free workspace for BSV blockchain developers, builders, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts that was officially launched in October 2022. With mentorship, resources, and opportunities to build businesses in start-up, the Citadel offers members a great way to kick-start their BSV projects. Partnering with Peak Blockchain allows members to use its extensive analytics and research tools, providing even more support for BSV development.

Peak Blockchain is the go-to provider of market intelligence and strategic advisory services for the global blockchain industry. They work with all types of businesses, from venture capital-backed blockchain startups to large corporations, and help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of the blockchain industry. Their services include investment banking, financial services, institutional and retail investors, as well as blockchain startups and enterprises. With Peak Blockchain by your side, you will be able to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

At Peak Blockchain, they provide consulting services to companies interested in learning more about how to enter the blockchain ecosystem, especially those considering an ICO or STO. Additionally, they offer a selection of research-based reports that aim to provide insight into the current state of the industry along with predictions of where it might go in the future.

With the union of B3C and Peak Blockchain, the industry will immediately see a large number of smaller investors getting involved and becoming more interested in the topic. This is a big step forward for the industry in India as it will help innovate new ways of using blockchain in their daily lives. With a solid partnership in place, we can already see a lot of potential for this move to pay off!

“This is a huge step for us and together we hope to have an impact that will change the way people think about digital currencies in India!” It’s important that we help users and businesses make informed decisions about the blockchain network they use, and Bitcoin SV is a great option for users and businesses looking for stable and secure data storage. decentralized.

“I am thrilled to have Peak Blockchain as a partner. The level of analytical expertise offered by Sumit and his team is unparalleled,” said Parimal Priyadarshi, co-founder of the Citadel.

“Right now the market is going through the typical phase of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) that accompanies corrections, however, seasoned players are focusing on utility while the majority are panicking.

“With Peak blockchain on board, we will attempt to conduct proper market research on India-specific blockchain use cases so that it enables us to effectively market the obvious strengths of BSV Blockchain to developers and users.”

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Carol N. Valencia