Blockade Australia protesters march towards Sydney Harbor Bridge causing rush hour traffic chaos

NSW police chased dozens of climate protesters who were seen throwing milk crates, bins and barricades on the streets of Sydney as a protester blocked the entrance to one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares in an effort to cause “massive disruption”.

Climate change protesters wreaked havoc in Sydney’s CBD for more than an hour on Monday morning running through busy roads and blocking rush hour traffic.

Members of Blockade Australia, who held climate-related banners, kicked off the rally around 8 a.m. trying to stop traffic by dragging bins, orange building barriers and building materials in the middle of the road .

Responding NSW police officers were seen desperately trying to stop the group of angry climate activists – who have steadily grown from dozens to at least 100 protesters – from the stated aim of reaching the bridge from Sydney Harbour.

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A protester managed to disrupt traffic to the world famous landmark by stopping her car at the entrance to the Sydney Harbor Tunnel in North Sydney just after 8.45am.

The woman, who identified herself as a 22-year-old Mali from the Northern Rivers area of ​​Lismore, locked herself to the wheel with a bicycle lock.

She went on a live social media broadcast to deliver her message with motorists and police spotted in the background yelling at her to get out of the white sedan.

“I can’t be quiet anymore. I saw a world of devastation unfold,” she said in the 10-minute video posted on their Facebook page.

“I’ve felt… complete and utter grief this year as a direct result of climate change. I don’t want to have to be here, it’s for all of us. It’s pretty overwhelming.

“This is where the violence landed on this continent and the destruction of the country began. Since then, Sydney has become the political and economic capital of Australia.

“It makes perfect sense to start at the guts of this system and disrupt its most important points.”

Officers eventually pulled the woman out of the car and arrested her. A tow truck was seen removing the vehicle.

The Sydney Harbor Tunnel reopened shortly after 9am and motorists were warned to take extra time with traffic on the Warringah Freeway and the Gore Hill Freeway.

Olivia, spokeswoman for Blockade Australia, said “Australia is a dangerous project”.

“Australian institutions are concentrations of coercive power that enable exploitation,” she said in a statement.

“Our collective survival relies on organized opposition and using strategic leadership action to oppose this destructive scheme.”

Organizers from the climate group sent out a text on Sunday evening telling protesters how to cause traffic chaos in Sydney.

‘It won’t be like a regular gathering with speeches and lots of standing time – we’ll meet at 8am sharp and then move quickly from there,’ he reportedly read, according to the Daily Telegraph.

“Depending on police tactics, you may need to run or scatter depending on your abilities. Be prepared to walk the roads and block cars from passing.

Blockade Australia says it will hold further protests this week.

Dozens of officers, including those from the mounted unit, were stationed at key points in the city from early morning in anticipation of the protests.

A NSW Police spokesman told he would not provide further comment unless charges were brought.

Protesters could be fined $22,000 or up to two years in prison for illegal protest activity on public roads, train tracks, tunnels, bridges and industrial areas under new laws introduced by the NSW government in April.

Carol N. Valencia