DC 2022 Fall Activities: East Coast Contessa Reveals Peak Schedule

“Travel means different things to different people,” Alexandra Booze tells STYLECASTER. “Travel can be around the world or exploring your hometown.” No matter where you choose to go, near or far, “there are really beautiful things to see everywhere. Go out and explore where you feel most comfortable. Take CC in the fall, for example. The East Coast hub is always brimming with new pop-ups and museums, and we decided to ask her what she thinks of her favorite things to do.

Booze is no stranger to cultural pursuits: she’s a full-time travel writer who you might know as East Coast Contessa, her nickname you can follow on Instagram and her blog. It’s a tough career to explain to your aging parents, but if you had to try, it involves working with “a few different lifestyle brands, hotels, restaurants, tourism companies to provide them with media services, to provide editorial and creative writing, photography and videography”. , as well as exposure to social media. Wearing all those hats and a healthy dose of bustle, Booze can see the world.

It wasn’t her original career path, she explains. “I started in 2015 while living in Washington DC, looking for a side hobby to help distract me from very stressful political work.” Booze decided to quit his government job and go to journalism school. “I loved photography and writing, so I thought Hi, why not create a blog? At the time, I think DC was called the foodie capital of the United States and I’m a big foodie, so I made an Instagram account.

It started small. “I started going to new restaurants every weekend, whether it was for brunch or dinner with my friends. Almost immediately, my food photos started to take off. Just under a year later, I was invited to my first press trip to Philadelphia and soon after I started mixing my food content with the trips because you really can’t have one without the other.

It was then that she realized she had a passion for travel. “I had missed a lot of things, but I had never really realized it until then. Since then, I’ve worked with over 550 brands from the United States and 46 countries. I lived two years abroad, first in the Czech Republic from 2018-2019 and in Spain from 2019-2020. Her exploration of Spain’s wine country has been cut short due to a certain pandemic, but even though she’s back in the States (for now), Booze has plenty to explore in her home country, and even in his old playground.

“My favorite restaurant is called Fiola Mare. This is an upscale Italian seafood restaurant in Georgetown, right on the Potomac River. The restaurant offers a new menu every few months, but Booze recommends the seafood tower and seasonal cocktails. Another restaurant she loves is The Diplomat, a French restaurant according to Booze, “it’s like walking into a Parisian cafe, it’s really beautiful. They have a really amazing burger and snails.

For live music fans, fall is the perfect time to beat the heat and check out the Merriweather Post Pavilion. “It’s like a bit outside of DC but it’s great for outdoor gigs.” Another option “if you want to stay in town and have a great gig in late fall, early winter” is the 930 Club. “A lot of top artists, like A List celebrities, come over there and put on shows at a really good price.”

With the transition from summer to fall, there are pristine outer vibes. “Another thing I would recommend is a sunset cruise on the Potomac. It’s beautiful. It’s BYOB. There’s a company called Yachty. They have these small mini yachts you can rent with groups of 8-10 people. You can walk around the dock before getting on the boat. I think they last two to three hours and you just pass the landmarks and areas of the city and then they take you back to the wharf.

You can also check out the Eastern Market. “It’s an indoor and outdoor market that sells different works of art from local vendors, local food and fresh produce from local farms. It’s really pretty, the trees are around the market and they change and there’s live music.

And of course there are the classics. “Capital Hill is beautiful in the fall, the capital and the trees and the house and senate buildings. The Library of Congress is the oldest continuously operating government building in the United States and its interior is truly magnificent. Perfect for pictures!”

Whether you’re a newbie or a travel expert, an East Coast native yourself, or exploring a new city, we could all use a little adventure.

“If traveling is something you’re interested in, you can start small,” advises Booze. “You can take road trips within your state or fly domestically within a few states, just to get you started on the transportation part of the trip. See what that looks like, then embark on more international travel and the bigger trips once you feel more comfortable doing the smaller ones.

It’s a great time to check off a few boxes on your to-do list.

Photo: Weston Wells. Design: Sasha Purdy/STYLECASTER.

Carol N. Valencia