Dell strives to achieve maximum customer “stickiness” with Apex enhancements

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“We are therefore taking another important step to enable partners to deliver solutions in any capacity that suits them,” Rola Dagher, Dell’s global channel manager, told CRN.

Rola Dagher, Global Channel Manager at Dell Technologies

To drive partner growth and attract more customers for its Apex cloud services, Dell Technologies has introduced what it calls “enhancements” around storage, the VMware cloud, and its private and hybrid cloud.

“So we’re taking another big step to enable partners to deliver solutions in whatever capacity makes sense to them and customers of course. Because at the end of the day, it’s about modernizing the way business is delivered and how our customers want to consume it,” Rola Dagher, Dell Technologies Global Channel Manager, told CRN. “So these wallets, the updates, they’ll be around the new market access, even greater and greater opportunities for partners to differentiate themselves and promote their individual capabilities while extending the value of Apex to a wider range of customers.”

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Round Rock, Texas-based Dell just had its biggest quarter for Apex, reporting that the company’s cloud service earned $1 billion in annual recurring revenue in its second quarter. Apex also signed up 200 new subscribers during the quarter, the company said during its earnings report last month.

The new Apex updates include enhancements to Apex data storage, which Dell is now offering partners without having to subscribe to Dell’s managed services.

“We are focused on meeting customer needs and increasing partner loyalty,” Dagher said. “We will now offer an option to subscribe to Apex data storage services, with or without Dell Managed Services. Thus, our partners have the possibility to add their own services and respond to customer requests. This will give them more flexibility, including so many choices to manage their own day-to-day operations, which is great because we’ve heard partner feedback and we’re committed to it.

Dell also said it will offer partners more flexibility around Apex private and hybrid cloud, including a consumption-based pricing model that allows customers to pay only for the resources they need.

“They can now provide their own managed services and integrate Apex into broader data center management contracts,” Dagher told CRN. “Partners can also implement the new instance-based approach that allows customers to pay only for the resources they need. So if service-as-a-service was out of reach for some customers, partners can now offer a lower configuration threshold of 32 instances. This opens up more growth opportunities for customers, for partners to help them grow at all levels. »

Dell also said it has expanded the ability for partners to have their development teams work on cloud services by creating an option that allows them to build cloud-native applications on the VMware stack to help partners modernize applications.

“It’s a great solution for partners to focus on building value cloud and let Dell handle the operational oversight. And again, it’s all based on the feedback we got from our members,” Dagher said.

Scott Winslow, president of Waltham, Mass. Winslow Technology Group, a Dell Platinum Partner, said the Dell relationship has been key to growing its business this year and that Apex represents great value.

“Our customers continue to seek choice, flexibility and value when considering options for their IT infrastructure needs,” Winslow said. “Dell’s Apex Wallet ticks all of these boxes. It’s great to see Dell improving the Apex solution set, making it easier for partners to customize and include their own services as part of the offering.

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