Energy ministers agreed to reduce peak-hour energy consumption in the EU –

Energy Ministers agreed to demand from Member States a mandatory reduction of energy consumption during peak hours in the EUthe European energy announced commissioner Kadri Simson after the end of their meeting. However, on the issue of the cap on the price of gas from Russia, it has become clear that there is no unified position.

There are four main strands on which member states expect the Commission to make legislative proposals within a few days, so that discussions can be concluded by the end of the month and possibly an extraordinary meeting energy Council will be convened, said Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Jozef Sikela. These are: a cap on the income of electricity producers with low production costs, a cap on gas prices, measures to reduce electricity consumption through EU and help solve the problem of reduced liquidity. European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson pointed out:

We intend to impose binding targets on Member States to reduce consumption at peak times. They will then have to implement them according to national circumstances..”

Minister Sikela explained that he expects, in this case, to be approached as in the gas reduction agreement – first, to have a voluntary approach, which will later become mandatory. In August, the energy ministers agreed that member countries should reduce the consumption blue fuel by 15% by the end of March. The stumbling block, however, turned out to be the gas price cap from Russia this time around.

Minister Sikela admitted that more time was needed to reach an agreement on the issue.

The idea of ​​imposing a cap on gas prices in the EU as a whole was discussed, which European Commissioner Simson commented as follows:

Indeed, several ministers have asked us today to analyze a possible cap on the prices of all the gas that EU imports. But if the aim of our policy is to respond to Russian manipulations in the supply of blue fuel to Europe, it makes sense to target only Russian gas“.

Also in Brussels today, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said it was too early to tell if the latest actions of the Ukrainian military marked a turning point in the war. However, he noted that Ukraine is acting in a very determined manner, with a solid plan and critical support with the resources that many NATO member countries provide to it.

The EU The Council also terminated the visa facilitation agreement with Russia. It has already been published in the Official Journal of the Community and will apply from 12 September.

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