First Bangladeshi to climb K2, the world’s second highest peak

Mountaineer Wasifa Nazreen became the first person Bangladesh to climb Pakistan-administered K2, the second highest mountain peak. She climbed the K2 Mountain Summit, which is 8,611 meters (28,251 feet) high, then descended to base camp. When a climber descends the mountain and returns to base camp, the summit is said to have been reached.

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  • The 39-year-old mountaineer Wasifa paid tribute to all the known and unidentified martyrs of Bangladesh, from the language campaign to the war of liberation, after accomplishing this historic work.
  • She urged her people to never lose and to draw strength from the past.
  • Wasifa greeted Bangladesh on its 50th anniversary and thanked everyone who had helped it from the top of the world’s most treacherous mountain, saying, “Happy 50th Bangladesh, here comes the next big 50.”
  • Wasifa wrote earlier on her Facebook page as she climbed to the top of K2 that when the time comes for her to leave the world, rejoice in the knowledge that she has lived or aspired to live, her life is free to society and the judgment of others.
  • In 2012, Wasifa Nazreen climbed Mount Everest. She was the second Bangladeshi woman to accomplish this.

Important points to remember for all competitions:

  • Capital of Bangladesh: Dhaka
  • Prime Minister of Bangladesh: Sheikh Hasina Wazed

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