PCF Assurance acquires Peak Performance Team

PPT is a South Carolina-based niche finance and insurance broker that offers tailored packages to car dealerships across the United States. The broker focuses on extended warranties, vehicle maintenance contracts, GAP, and a few ancillary products that enhance a car dealership’s service offerings.

“We are thrilled to partner with Peak Performance,” said Peter C. Foy, Founder, President and CEO of PCF Insurance Services. “With PPT’s proven custom tools and products for automotive dealerships, PCF further secures itself as a national player in the F&I space. We look forward to partnering with PPT as they grow.”

“We weren’t looking for a buyer, we were looking for a partner,” added PPT President R. Michael Burgholzer. “Our goal was to find an investor who would provide us with the resources and capital to help us scale to the next level. Partnering with PCF brings those resources and more.”

To date, PCF has completed or has under letter of intent 112 acquisitions for 2022. The company said in a statement that it “continuously seeks an optimal balance between entrepreneurship and collaboration” whenever she forms a partnership with an agency.

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Last week, 19 insurance agency partners affiliated with PCF Insurance Services in the Northwestern United States formed a new agency coalition called Western Pacific Partners Group (WPPG).

Carol N. Valencia