Portable Peak Flow Meters Market 2022 with Global Opportunities and Geographic Forecast 2028 | Vyaire Medical, Microlife, Omron, Vitalograph

The Portable Peak Flow Meter Market Research Report 2022 provides market size information, in-depth analysis along with competitive insights and segmentation, and forecast period.

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Peak flow, also known as peak expiratory flow, is the maximum flow of air as measured by a peak flow meter, typically a small, hand-held, hand-held device used to measure a personโ€™s ability to exhale from the air. It measures the airflow through the bronchial passages and therefore the level of airway obstruction. It is usually expressed in liters per minute, to which the unit is usually calibrated. A high reading means there is more than enough air movement in the patientโ€™s airway. The measurement of this vital sign should be done with care as incorrect readings can indicate serious medical issues. Swollen mucus in the bronchial passages increases the risk of an asthma attack and, therefore, the need to use a peak flow meter. Excessive mucus or inflammation in the airways can lead to breathing difficulties. When the patient inhales deeply, he usually increases the amount of air breathed in and thus reduces the amount of mucus in the lungs.


The rising incidence of asthma globally is expected to fuel the growth of the global portable peak flow meter market over the forecast period. For example, in Medscape, asthma affected approximately 300 million people worldwide. Each year, the World Health Organization (WHO) states that approximately 250,000 asthma deaths are reported and 15 million disability-adjusted life years are lost worldwide. The health care provider is able to determine if their patient is having an asthma attack and can ensure that the airways are clear before an attack occurs. This can prevent other complications from occurring, such as an asthma attack that could not have been prevented. This should create propulsion in the market.

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Top Key Players Covered in the Portable Peak Flow Meters Market Report

Vyaire Medical, Microlife, Omron, Vitalograph, Pari, Trudell Medical International, DeVilbiss Healthcare, Rossmax International, GaleMed Corporation, SHL Telemedicine, Piston, Spengler, Fyne Dynamics, GM Instruments

Product type information

The global markets are presented by type of portable peak flow meter, along with growth forecast. Production and value estimates are based on the supply chain price at which portable peak flow meters are purchased by manufacturers.

This report has studied each segment and provided the market size using historical data. They also discussed the growth opportunities the segment could present in the future. This study provides production and revenue data by type, and over the historical period and forecast period.

Portable Peak Flow Meter Segment by Type

Electronic counter, Mechanical counter

Application Information:

This report provided the market size (production and revenue data) by application, during the historical period and the forecast period.

This report also outlines each segmentโ€™s market trends and consumer behaviors impacting the Portable Peak Flow Meters market and the implications these may have on the future of the industry. This report can aid in understanding the relevant market and the consumer trends driving the Portable Peak Flow Meter Market.

Portable Peak Flow Meter Segment by Application

Home, Hospital

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The market research of the Portable Peak Flow Meters market report consists of four stages namely secondary research, primary research, market estimation and final presentations. In the secondary scope, a lot of data is obtained, refined, validated and calculated. Additionally, in primary research, every detail of the data is validated with industry-recommended journals and internal databases. Market estimation, which is the penultimate step in this process, includes statistical analysis and valuation of the market, future market size, and CAGR during the forecast period. The last step is a holistic representation of the data and analyzes performed, in order to make the study highly understandable for the reader.

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โ‹ To gain insightful analyzes of the market and have a comprehensive understanding of the global market and its commercial landscape.

โ‹ Assess production processes, major issues and solutions to mitigate development risk.

โ‹ To understand the most affecting driving and restraining forces in the market and their impact in the global market.

โ‹ Learn about the market strategies adopted by the respective leading organizations.

โ‹ To understand future outlook and market prospects.

โ‹ In addition to standard structure reports, we also offer custom searches based on specific requirements.

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