Safety Town in progress at ILES

In a new initiative, all ILES Kindergarten students are going to Safety Town this year!

Russells Point Police Chief Joe Freyhof and ILES PhysEd teacher and bus driver Dan Young have worked together over the past year to coordinate the program and teach this important safety information to all kindergarten-age children in Indian Lake.

Chief Freyhof says that over the past few years since the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of Safety Towns in our region is decreasing, but training is key.

“So our goal was to be all-inclusive for all kindergartners, so we have 90-100 kids benefiting from Safety Town, not just 10-15… Over the next two weeks we’ll be discussing everything, of alien hazard for pedestrian safety, fire safety, bus safety, gun safety, and watercraft safety We even talk about good/bad contacts with Happy Bear from county children’s services Logan.

On the first day of Safety Town, Chief Freyhof instructed students on the danger of strangers with a video and demonstrations.

As a teacher and bus driver, says Mr Young since the Covid break, more and more young students need guidance on how to follow instructions and stay safe, especially on their way to school.

“Getting this at the start of the year, knowing that the kindergartners understood that bus safety was really important and one of the main safety features.”

The program is a partnership between Indian Lake Schools, Russells Point Police, Washington Township Police, Indian Joint Fire District, Ohio Division of Natural Resources, and more.

ILES Safety Town will be taught every day for the next two weeks. A graduation ceremony will take place on September 26.

Carol N. Valencia