Sawtell Peak Fire mapped at 34 acres

ISLAND PARK (KIFI) – Lightning caused the Sawtell Peak Fire ¼ mile from Sawtell Peak along FS Highway 24 on the Ashton/Island Park Ranger District under the command of Type 3 Team 5 of Wyoming.

The Sawtell Peak Fire currently spans 34 acres with 20% containment 174 people affected by the incident.

Thanks to the use of aerial resources earlier this weekend and the abundance of water nearby, firefighters were able to contain the majority of hot spots in the fire area. An estimate of 40,000 gallons of water was dumped on the fire during the operational period via water tenders, engines and the laying of hoses. As a result, there was no growth despite the red flag warning being issued.

Due to heavy fuel loads in the area, the risk of existing/unknown spot fires still exists on Monday. Firefighters will continue to work on hot spots and secure the line of fire. They will check the area
and hotspot mapping. Emphasis is placed on finding these potential hazards. With the
combination of current weather conditions, embers and plenty of dry fuels, the risk is still

The structure protection group will continue to collect information to establish a comprehensive map of the structure in the event of an emergency. These proactive management tools are used to protect communities and other values ​​from fires should the need arise.

Officials also recommend that homeowners take the time to take proactive steps to protect their home in case the fire becomes more active. They can find some tips here.

Closing order

A forest closure order has been issued to protect public health and safety from the effects of the Sawtell Peak fire. The area closure includes all National Forest System (NFS) land within the closed area depicted on the attached map and forest website.

Carol N. Valencia